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So Over You

Kindle Kids’ Corner – 8th Grader Merritt D. Reviews So Over You, by Gwen Hayes: “This book was truly amazing!”

eBook Title:  So Over You Author’s Name: Gwen Hayes Reviewer’s grade level: 8th Kindle Price: 1.99 Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Merritt D.    Merritt‘s Review: Layney Logan was the girl reporter and that was all she ever wanted to be! However,this year, her senior year, is different.    She not only has to share the […]

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Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 7.08.14 AM

Kindle Kids’ Corner: 8th Grader Emory B. Reviews Joan Lowery Nixon’s The Nightmare: “Keeps you on the edge of your seat!”

eBook Title:  The Nightmare Author’s Name: Joan Lowery Nixon Kindle Price: $5.99 Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Emory B. Reviewer’s grade level: 8th Typist: Julia B. Emory’s Review: In the book The Nightmare, Emily was only eight years old when she witnessed the murder of a woman. She had no memories of the year when […]

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I am Number Four

8th Grader Margaret O. Reviews Pittacus Lore’s I AM NUMBER FOUR: “Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from this book!”

eBook Title: I Am Number Four Author’s Name: Pittacus Lore Kindle Price: 9.99 (Editor’s Note: Don’t let the greedy publisher trick you into paying an extra three dollars ($12.99) for the movie tie-in edition. This is the link to the entire book for $9.99. – S.W.) Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Margaret O. Author’s grade […]

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Palace of Mirrors

Elizabeth G. Reviews Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix: “All girls should read this book”

Original Kindle Kids’ Corner eBook Review by Elizabeth G., Westwood Schools eBook Title: Palace of Mirrors Author’s Name: Margaret Peterson Haddix Reviewer’s grade level: 6th Grade Kindle Price: $5.99 Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Elizabeth G. Elizabeth’s Review: Margaret Peterson Haddix’s book, Palace of Mirrors, tells the story of a peasant girl named Cecilia. From […]

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Red Riding Hood Cover Image

Peyton H. Reviews Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright & David Leslie: “A wonderful read that you are sure to enjoy” before or after you see the new movie!

Original Kindle Kids’ Corner eBook Review by Peyton H., Westwood Schools eBook Title: Red Riding Hood Author’s Name: Sarah Blakley-Cartwright & David Leslie Kindle Price: $9.99 Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Peyton H., Westwood Schools Peyton’s Review: Red Riding Hood is a riveting novel. I was not able to put the book down. You will […]

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