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Kindle Kids’ Corner: 7th Grader Dru F. Reviews Hilari Bell’s Rogue’s Home: “The sequel to The Last Knight did not disappoint.”

eBook Title: Rogue’s Home Author’s Name: Hilari Bell Kindle Price: $9.99 Kindle Kids’ Corner Reviewer Name: Dru F. Reviewer’s grade level: 7th Dru’s Review: The boys are back! The sequel to The Last Knight failed to disappoint. This time the tattoos on Michael’s wrist, showing he is unredeemed and now an outcast of his family, […]

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Kindle Kids’ Corner: 5th Grader Erin N. Reviews Margaret Peterson Haddix’ Sent: “It pulls you in, like you are really there.”

eBook Title: Sent Author’s Name: Margaret Peterson Haddix Kindle Price: $5.99 Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Erin N. Reviewer’s grade level: 5th Emory’s Review: I read the book Sent, the 2nd book in the “Missing” series. It is about two adopted boys who discover they were pulled from the past into the present day. They […]

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Kindle Kids’ Corner: Three 5th Graders Review Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief: “A fun filled adventure which includes fighting mythical Green monsters!”

eBook Title: The Lightning Thief Author’s Name: Rick Riordan Kindle Price: $5.00 Kindle Kids Corner Reviewers’ Names: Mitt P., Erin N., Noah A. Reviewer’s grade level: 5th Note from Andrea Stargel, Teacher:  My fifth grade class chose The Lightning Thief as one of their  all-time favorite books. Many of them  wrote reviews, and I thought […]

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8th Grader Merritt D. Reviews Kristen Cast’s Tempted (House of Night Book 6): “Full of suspense, action, every day troubles teenage girls face, loyalties being tested, and even some boy drama!”

eBook Title: Tempted (House of Night Book 6) Author’s Name: Kristen Cast Kindle Price: $9.99 Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Merritt D., age 14 Reviewer’s grade level: 8th Merritt’s Review: This is book 6 in the House of Night Series. I recommend you start with book one or you will not understand any of this […]

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6th Grader Mark G. Reviews Suzanne Collins’ THE HUNGER GAMES: “I recommend this book to anyone that has a thirst for adventure”

eBook Title: THE HUNGER GAMES (Book One of THE HUNGER CHRONICLES) Author’s Name: Suzanne Collins Kindle Price: $8.54 Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Mark G. Author’s grade level: 6th Mark’s Review: The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins, is about a young girl named Katniss.  Katniss lives in a country called Panem, which is what […]

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6th Grader Margaret Ruth O. Reviews Calling by K. R. Schulteis: “Once the story plot started rolling, I was personally enthralled and refused to put it down until I was finished.”

(Editor’s Note: This book was a big hit with reviewer Margaret Ruth O. and the price was right at just 99 cents in the Kindle Store! Thanks for a nice job, Margaret! -Steve Windwalker) eBook Title: Calling Author’s Name: K. R. Schulteis Kindle Price: $0.99 Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Margaret Ruth O. Grade level […]

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