Fifth Grader Interviews Kindle Author Neil Ostroff & Looks at The Kids Book of The Week, Silent Invasion

By Mya S. under the instruction of Candace Cheatham, Editor, Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily

We announced last week that Neil Ostroff’s Silent Invasion is the Kids Corner Book of The Week.

We have a special treat for our readers today! After reading Silent Invasion, fifth grade Boston student, Mya, has asked our Kids Corner Book of The Week author, Neil Ostroff, a few questions for this exclusive interview!


Mya: Why did you pick the name Kiz for the alien who woke up Tim?

Neil Ostroff: Naming a character is very important to the story because if the name is too complicated to pronounce, the reader will lose interest. I originally name the Kiz character Kiztraticka, to be different, but then found that it was hard to read the name and slowed down the story.

Mya: Why did Kiz choose Tim to save Earth?

Neil Ostroff: In the book, Kiz explains that it’s not just the person who is picked to be a Galactic Warrior, but many other factors including who his friends are and how much courage he can muster. Tim was a perfect match for their criteria.

Mya: Why did you choose this topic? Do you like aliens?

Neil Ostroff: I’ve always been fascinated by science fiction and the possibilities of what lies out there at the fringes of the universe. Writing my own science fiction allows me to make up my own worlds and create my own visions of the ‘what-if’s?’ And by the way, I do like creating all kinds of weird aliens. These characters are sprinkled throughout my other books.

Mya: Why is Tim sad at the end of the story, when his friends turned out safe?

Neil Ostroff: Tim isn’t sad at the end he’s just complacent that he and his friends were able to stop the invasion. As Kiz tells him at the very end, Tim and his friends are chosen Galactic Warriors and will have many other alien obstacles to face and overcome. And they do in the other books in the series.

Mya: My teacher tells us that we must use an outline when we write stories. Did you use an outline? How did you start the writing process?

Neil Ostroff: I do not use an outline to start with. What I do is have a general idea of what I want to write. I will usually scribble a paragraph of what the book is about and then start the first sentence. I do however, keep a tablet beside me at all times and jot notes about future chapters and what will happen next. I would though, recommend writing an outline for your first attempts at writing a book. It helps newbie authors stay on track.

 A very special thank you to student interviewer Mya S. & author Neil Ostroff! Let Neil know what *your* favorite part is of Silent Invasion by dropping a line in our response section or by checking out his blog at:


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