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13 Rave Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

“Glory Alley isn’t a wizard, she doesn’t slay vampires or zombies, but she kicks butt in her very own way. Her weapon is never giving up. Glory rocks!” ~Nicole, CO

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Glory Alley is a girl rock collector in search of a better life. Since her mother’s death a few years ago life has spiraled out of control. Classmates make fun of her hand-me-down clothes and her siblings have become juvenile delinquents. Dad has given up on the entire family and they are about to lose their home as well. The future looks bleak for the Alleys, but Glory has a plan. She’ll strike it rich in Queen’s Mesa, saving the house and their reputations. Then one fateful morning it actually happens, she finds a rock beyond compare, but three otherworldly guardians arrive to spoil the party.

They say moving the rock will disrupt magic-based worlds like their own. In order to set things right again she must give up the stone, sealing her family’s fate. If she refuses, alien civilizations will be plunged into chaos. Surely, there’s another option, but can she find it before everything falls apart?


“This story line may not appeal to every reader with its sci-fi/fantasy base, but it definitely has to be at the top of the list of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. The author draws you into a realistic dramatic family life with a little fantasy on the side. This crazy family will make you appreciate your own. I won’t spoil the ending of the story, but if you like happy endings, you will love this one.” – 5 Star Rating from Ebook Review

“If you are into science fiction or fantasy books, this tops them all.” – Another 5 Star rating from Ebook Review

About The Author

C. Deanna Verhoff grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She has been employed in retail, education, insurance and finance. Indiana University is her alma mater. Currently, she resides in rural Ohio with her husband, two children, a dog, a kitten and a goldfish.

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