Kids Corner Chats With Kindle Author Papa G About Kids Corner Book of The Week –Fing: A Modern Fairytale, Being Positive & Lord of The Flies … With Zombies? Don’t Miss This Interview!

By Candace Cheatham, Editor, Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily

We announced last week that Papa G’s Fing: A Modern Fairytale is the Kids Corner Book of The Week – A Heart Warming Modern Fairytale About The Benefits of Staying Positive Even When Faced With The Vile Mrs Lipstick! 4.8 Stars and Just 99 Cents or Free via Kindle Lending Library. Today we are very excited to post an exclusive interview with author Papa G!


Kids Corner: First thing first, the monster hiding in Ulrich Von Strudel’s Closet…. Is it scary?

Papa G: Monsters in closets are always scary, but sometimes we need to face our fears and when we do…the results can be surprising.

Kids Corner: The main character, Ulrich does not have knees. Can you go into more detail about Ulrich? Will children be able to relate to him?

Papa G: Ulrich has a never say die attitude that I think children will find endearing. He is always positive and never lets his disability get in his way.

Kids Corner: What prompted you to write Fing: A Modern Fairytale?

Papa G: Fing is character that I had in my brain for a long time. I put him in various stories that for one reason or another didn’t work. Then Ulrich Von Strudel and the evil Mrs Lipstick came along and the story kind of wrote itself from there.

Kids Corner: Can you describe your favorite scene in Fing?

Papa G: That’s a difficult one; it’s like asking which one of my children I like best. But I will go with when Mrs Lipstick gets Ulrich ready for the fishing trip, it appeals to my sense of humour.

Kids Corner: Can we expect anything else from you? Anymore YA Novels?

Papa G: I have several projects in my brain at the moment. But the one I am getting the most emails about and pressure from my daughter and her school friends is a follow up to “Pedro The Ugliest Dog In The World” I have the seed of an idea, I just need it to germinate.

Kids Corner: What books have you recently read?

Papa G: I read a lot of Children’s books and last night I read Rotten Island by William Steig. It was fantastically funny and colourful. I also just read a great YA zombie novel called Zombie Youth by H E Goodhue, it was kind of lord of the flies with zombies.

Kids Corner: What authors have influenced you?

Papa G: Roald Dahl and Dr.Seuss

Kids Corner: Any advice for our young writers out there?

Papa G: The stock answer for this always seems to be keep writing. I would add to this keep reading as much as possible and keep your eyes open, you never know where that next idea is coming from.

A very special thank you to author Papa G! Don’t forget to check out Papa G’s other YA Titles – Snotty Crocky: A Slimy Rhyming Children’s Picture Book & Pedro The Ugliest Dog In The World

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