Kids Corner Exclusive: Kindle Author Walter Eckland Chats With Kids Corner About Basing His Main Character After His Daughter, Sarcasm and A New Book Featuring Smelly Timmie. Trust Us, You Don’t Want To Miss This Interview With This Week’s Kids Corner Book of The Week Author, Walter Eckland

By Candace Cheatham, Editor, Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily

We announced last week that Walter Eckland’s CORIE UNIVERSE FEEDER is the Kids Corner Book of The Week – An eBook for the whole family to enjoy with 5.0 stars on Amazon. Today we are very excited to post an exclusive interview with author Walter Eckland!



Kids Corner: Who will this book appeal to?

Walter Eckland: Adults who like reading to their children.  Kids who like funny, slightly sarcastic chapter books.

Kids Corner: Can you describe how you came up with the character Corie?

Walter Eckland: Actually based on my daughter!  She was never a big fan of either pickles or fish.  I was wondering how she would get out of eating them if offered and, well, burying them in the yard to grow into a tree was what I thought.  Character born.  Plot plotted.

Kids Corner: What is your favorite scene in CORIE UNIVERSE FEEDER?

Walter Eckland: The 3:17am attempted money stealing scene.  It’s a lot of dialog from a child’s point of view.  Quite a different viewpoint than an adult.

Walter Eckland: I think people say that because there is sarcasm that might be lost on the kids, but can be seen by the adults reading it.  The common message is not under-estimating someone.

Kids Corner: Can we expect more work from you?

Walter Eckland: Oh yeah, baby!.  There are two current books in the Corie series.  There are two more planned as well as an offshoot from one of the characters (Smelly Timmie).  Currently I am working on something quite different.  Dragons. Girl. Hero. It’s coming along well but needs more sarcasm.

Kids Corner: What books have you recently read?

Walter Eckland: Re-reading the first seven books in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  Would like to keep going and get to the books I have yet to read (eight – twelve).  Read the Hunger Games in a day or three.  Game of Thrones.  Billionaire’s Vinegar.

Kids Corner: What authors have influenced you?

Walter Eckland: I doubt any author would want to claim credit as an influencer of me!  I have a weird style.  Anyhoo, I really like old Sci/Fi peeps: Larry Niven, Jack Chalker, Tolkien.  I even like some new Sci/Fi types like Karen Miller, Trudi Canavan and Jim Butcher.

Kids Corner: Any advice for our young writers out there?

Walter Eckland: That’s easy.  Write.  Then write some more.  Then, post that, write.

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