Can’t Get Enough of THE HUNGER GAMES? Kids Corner At Kindle Nation Daily Student Reporter Reviews MOCKINGJAY, The Conclusion to The Explosive Trilogy: “This novel, along with the other two from its series, is one of the best written novels that our generation has ever seen, and we owe it all to Suzanne Collins!”

Merritt’s Review

Katniss Everdeen has been a participant in the Hunger Games Area more than once, and against all odds has survived them all too! Katniss should be overjoyed, right? Wrong. Whether she likes it or not, her whole world has changed since the second she left the arena. Even though Gale and her family escaped and are alive, District 12 is no more. The only home she has ever known and the only part of her father she had left has been obliterated. And then there is Peeta; Katniss is filled with worry, regret, and an overall state of confusion by the fact that Haymitch just left him in the arena at the mercy of The Capitol! After all the time and effort they spent to keep him alive, how could he just abandon him? The Capitol has him now, and for all she knows he could be dead. Katniss doesn’t have much time to fathom many of these shocking truths about her new life though because one seems to dominate them all. District 13 is real, and they are ready for a revolution. But is Katniss?

Everyone seems to have a say in what’s going on except Katniss! She has no idea or part in her rescue from the Quarter Quail! If she had, things would have been much different! There is no way she would have left Peeta’s side, and this idea haunts her constantly. The variables may prove to be too much for Katniss to handle. Just when she thought her life couldn’t get more hectic, the unthinkable is asked of her! She has had no voice or knowledge about the rebellion, but these new leaders want her to become the Mockingjay, to fuel it? This decision is a big deal. Not only is this decision crucial to the rebellion’s success, but it will result in Katniss having to ignore her feelings of furry and mistrust toward this new government. Her decision may be the deciding factor of the rebellion’s outcome, but may end up also being the deciding factor for Peeta’s life as well. Can she and will she risk it? But the even bigger question is this; Will Katniss be able to become the Mockingjay if it requires complete dedication, no matter the personal stakes at risk?

Suzanne Collins has done it again! Another thrilling addition to the Hunger Games series has been added! Mockingjay is another amazingly well written and engrossing Collins novel. Just like Katniss’s  ability to fuel the rebellion against the Capitol as the Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins has become the Mockingjay for the Hunger Games frenzy. She may not have as much risk on the line as her main character, Katniss, but there is one thing that is evident. Whether Collins realized it at first or not, the Hunger Games has officially caught fire, and she is its Mockingjay.

Educational Value: 5 out of 5 – One of the qualities of Mockingjay that makes it not only very entertaining but educational as well is that this book stresses that we, the people, should not be scared of our government and encourages us to take a stand for what is right. One of the themes that runs through this series is the multiple injustices that The Capitol has inflicted on its citizens which result in constant whispers of a revolution.This novel itself clearly entices people to take a stand for what they believe! Many people need something to inspire them to have faith in themselves and to take action! Mockingjay may just be that little nudge of hope that people need to take a stand for their beliefs.

Entertainment Value: 5 out of 5 –  This novel, along with the other two from its series, is one of the best written novels that our generation has ever seen, and  we owe it all to Suzanne Collins! She did a fantastic job tying love, action, suspense, heartbreak, and sadness into a series! After reading these novels, it appears as if you are a part of the story. It’s like you have been through everything the characters have and you seem to have a connection with each one! Everything from the imagery to the plotline is just amazing in Mockingjay! This series seems to be the “Catching Fire” of Suzanne Collins’ career! I look forward to the rest of her accomplishments as an author.

Device on Which This Book Was Read: Kindle
Date Review Filed: 3/6/2012
Teacher Name: Vicki Davis

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