Kids Corner At Kindle Nation Daily – Student Reviewer Merritt D. Looks At CRASH TEST LOVE by Ted Michael: “I loved the novel till about the last two chapters which is where it pretty much completely fell apart!”

  • eBook Title: Crash Test Love
  • Author: Ted Michael
  • Kindle Store Price: $8.99
  • Kids Corner @ Kindle Nation Daily Student Reviewer: Merritt D.
  • Student Reviewer’s Grade: 9th

Merritt’s Review

Henry is the kind of boy who could have a girl friend with no problem, but doesn’t. He’s perfectly content with who he is and doesn’t want one! Well until he meets Garret at a party for senior year! (Did I mention he’s a “famous” Sweet Sixteen Crasher”?)

Garret’s a 100% sure she is done with guys (at least till after high school)! She was dumped right before she left her hometown to move to Long Island (for her senior year no less!) and decides she needs to figure out who she is withOUT a boyfriend and that what she needs a some good besties for senior year!

Well she’s the lucky girl the J-squad  (the major clique) wants in their posse! But there’s a catch to this “win”….. She has to pass their “test”: To get hottie Henry to take her to the biggest Sweet Sixteen yet and dump him! (Did I also add that MTV was filming it?)

Since Garrett has sworn off “falling in love”, this should be a piece of cake right?

Henry doesn’t date or fall for girls so when the two of them start to click, no biggie right? These two might as well be blind because they fall in love and don’t even see the trap that’s waiting for them to fall, because neither have a clue what the girls from Henry’s past have coming for them!

Will these two fight for love or will this relationship just become a crash test of love for the these two teens?

I would recommend this book to someone who loves awful endings! If you’re a reader, there are better books out there! Don’t waste your time, because you are setting yourself up for disappointment!

Educational Value: 2 out of 5 – I think this book deserves a 2. I didn’t really learn much from this novel and it had very simple vocabulary. It’s not a read that you should expect to learn much from, it’s more meant for entertainment.

Entertainment Value: 3 out of 5 – I give Crash Test Love a 3 for entertainment due to the fact that it started off great but had the worst ending a book could ever have! I loved the novel till about the last two chapters which is where it pretty much completely fell apart! I am a kind of reader who wants a good, happy ending!

Device on Which This Book Was Read: Kindle

Date Review Filed: 3/30/12

Teacher Name: Vicki Davis

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