Kids Corner At Kindle Nation Daily – Student Reviewer Merritt D. Reviews HIS EYES by Renee Carter: “Once you get started you won’t want to put it down or want it to end!”

  • eBook Title: His Eyes
  • Author’s Name: Renee Carter
  • Kindle Store Price: $4.99
  • Kindle Kids Corner Student Reviewer’s Name: Merritt D.
  • Student Reviewer’s Grade Level: 9th

Merritt’s Review:

Amy’s only a few days away from graduating high school and she is focused on is finding a way to pay for college. So, when she sees a flyer and agrees to baby-sit all summer, she doesn’t think twice about it  and certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love! As usual though this great  job has a catch, the boy she is babysitting is not only her age but he’s also blind!

Tristan was blinded two months ago in a horse show-jumping competition and refuses to accept his disability! This boy may be a cutie, but he sure doesn’t want Amy’s help! Or so he thinks! Much to Tristan’s disliking, Amy comes in and bust his little “bubble” and drags him into reality and the light! But wait, just when Tristan and Amy start to recognize something special in each other, Tristan’s hot, model, EX-girlfriend shows up! Will Tristan choose the girl who sees him for himself or will a small piece his old life keep him from moving forward?


I recommend this novel to teen girls who either have a thing for unexpected teen novels or need to have a reality check! This book shows how privileged most of us are just to have our alert senses! This book is wonderful! Once you get started you won’t want to put it down or want it to end! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Educational Value:  5 out of 5

On an education rating I would have to give this book a 5. This novel shows how a young girl can over look a boy’s disabilities and find out who he really is. It’s a great example of character and unexpected love. It exhibits how people should treat others (no matter they’re faults!)

Entertainment Value: 5 out of 5

On an entertainment standpoint I would give it a 5. This novel will keep you guessing and is truly touching! It’s a great example of friendship and accidental love! It has great characters an interesting plot!

Device on Which This Book Was Read: Kindle
Teacher Name: Vicki Davis


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