Kids Corner At Kindle Nation Daily – Student Reviewer Merritt D. Reviews CATCHING FIRE (THE SECOND BOOK OF THE HUNGER GAMES) by Suzanne Collins: “She has written a sequel to the amazing Hunger Games, which not only does it justice, but is just as thrilling and addictive as the first!”


Meriitt’s Review :

In the Hunger Games, the rules are very simple. One boy and one girl from each of the twelve districts, a total of twenty-four tributes, one winner. But last years games ended quite differently, due to a handful of berries? So now, despite all odds both district twelve tributes, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are alive! Katniss should be over joyed, right? She gets to return to her family and her very close friend Gale! What is there to worry about? A lot. Ever since the train, Peeta has completely abandoned her, and it seems like she has lost him forever! Then there is Gale. He has been distant and just plain weird since her return home form the games. But Katniss has much bigger things to worry about because those meager handful of berries may have saved Peeta and her self, but if may have also had the complete opposite effect on the Capitol. With whisper of a rebellion in the air, Katniss seems to have much bigger issues than boy troubles!
To her displeasure, Katniss seems to have added kindling to a big flame, that she didn’t mean to start! But what’s even scarier than the fact that this fire may be to big for her put out, is the feeling she has that she shouldn’t extinguish the flame of rebellion! Now, it’s critical for her and Peeta to prove that they are “madly in love” on their victory tour, or their whole world could be turned upside down! Can Katniss and Peeta handle it?
Suzanne Collins has done something many authors have failed to do! She has written a sequel to the amazing Hunger Games, which not only does it justice, but is just as thrilling and addictive as the first! Katniss may be “Catching Fire” for a Capitol Rebellion, but Suzanne Collins may have started an even bigger “Hunger Games” flame!
I was a major Twilight fan, and some could say a little obsessive, I’m sure. I mean, I did read the series about eight times! But these books have completely change my opinion! I am no longer Team Edward, but Team Peeta now! Sorry Stephanie Meyers, but I think Collins’ Hunger Games may be even bigger that Twilight!

Educational Value: 5 out of 5 – This book is probably a book that is more on an entertainment read than and educational one, but there is two things that I have learned. One wasn’t from the book’s context, but the author’s way of writing! Suzanne Collins is officially my role model as a author! She did an amazing job with adding just the right amount of suspense, love triangles, and action. She has a gift for writing that I would dream of having! The other is that with these novels, Collins has brought not only entertainment, but love for reading as well!

Entertainment Value:

5 out of 5 – This book was amazing! It was so well written, I could picture everything that was happening! Suzanne Collins has a way with words that just has them leaping off the page, that leaves you wondering and wanting more! I am in love with this series! Collins deserves renowned praise for not only The Hunger Games but for Catching Fire as well! Finding a sequel that is as good and the first novel, is hard to do! Only an amazing author can capture a reader with similar features more than once! I not only praise the book its self, nor just the series its self, but Suzanne Collins as well!

Device on Which This Book Was Read: Kindle

Date Review Filed: 3/05/12

Teacher Name: Vicki Davis


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