Kindle Kids’ Corner – 8th Grader Merritt D. Reviews Butterface, by Gwen Hayes: “I loved it!”

  • eBook Title: Butterface
  • Author’s Name: Gwen Hayes
  • Reviewer’s grade level: 8th
  • Kindle Price: .99
  • Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Merritt D.


Merritt’s Review:

When you survive hemifacial microsamia and come out with only a few scars, they say that person should be lucky, but that’s about the opposite of the way Beth feels. Her facial scars have no comparison with her emotional ones she has on the inside. As a result she’s guarded and never plans to change that.

What she never planed on was Lucky O’Leary entering her life. He starts to find breaks in her guarded fence and finds himself, accidentally falling in love with her. But Luck has a catch, if he doesn’t invite Beth to a “dog dinner” he’ll lose his place on the soccer team. Can he find a way for her NOT to find out?

Sometimes love isn’t ‘lucky’… or pretty.


I would recommend this book for teen girls who are interested in a change of perspective and enjoy reading! I loved it and hope you will too! It’s a great read and will defiantly have you looking though a new point of view! Enjoy!

  • Educational Value: 4 out of 5 – I think that the educational rating on Butter Face should be a 4. It’s not very educational on a school \standpoint but on a life lesson it’s very educating. This book makes you look at things from a different angle, in someone else’s shoes.
  • Entertainment Value: 5 out of 5 – This book definitely deserves a 5 for entertainment! It’s a great read and I couldn’t put it down! It’s very intriguing and well written! The characters are easy to relate to and this book will keep you interested all the way through!
  • Device on Which This Book Was Read: Kindle
  • Date Review Filed: 4/22/11
  • Teacher Name: Deana Rogers



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