Kindle Kids’ Corner – 8th Grader Margret Ruth O. Reviews Alex Flinn’s Beastly: “True love is never ugly.”

  • eBook Title: Beastly
  • Author’s Name: Alex Flinn
  • Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Margret Ruth O.
  • Reviewer’s grade level: 8th
  • Kindle Price:$8.99

Margret Ruth‘s Review:

Kyle Kingsbury was perfect. He had the perfect girlfriend, perfect looks, and what he thought was the perfect life. But Kyle was vain, and he needed to see the other side of life- the ugly side. In a captivating narrative told from the heart of the Beast himself, Kyle will explain how he came to be perfectly…. BEASTLY.
In a modern twist that seams flawlessly with the classic Beauty and the Beast, Alex Flinn creates a new master piece all her own.


I am an avid reader of fantasy and fiction, but even I have my limits when it comes to repetitive themes. So as you can imagine, I was curious to see where Beastly would lead The story led me to believe that someone can be loved even if they are, well, beastly, and that true love is never ugly. If you are like me, congratulations, you just found a new favorite in the form of Beastly.

    • Educational Value: 3 of 5 – The educational value of Beastly is a 3 because of the good diction and its reference to the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast.
    • Entertainment Value: 5 of 5 – Beastly’s entertainment value is a 5 because of its unique plot. A beast in New York City- what’s not to love?
    • Device on Which This Book Was Read: Hard Back Book
    • Date Review Filed: March 28, 2011
    • Teacher Name: Deana Rogers
    • Typist: Merritt D.


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