8th Grader Merritt D. Reviews Kristen Cast’s Tempted (House of Night Book 6): “Full of suspense, action, every day troubles teenage girls face, loyalties being tested, and even some boy drama!”

Merritt’s Review: This is book 6 in the House of Night Series. I recommend you start with book one or you will not understand any of this book. I highly recommend the series. I started this series in December and I am reading the last one now. This is definitely a series that you will like if you enjoy Twilight or the Morganville Vampire Series. (Ed. note: See links to all 9 books in the series at the end of this post.)

Book 6 Review:
Well, you would think that after dealing with a fallen immortal and his Queen, rescuing Stark, imprinting on Heath AGAIN, enduring Erik’s constant nagging, and having an almost fatal life experience that fledgling vampire Zoey Redbird would get a break.

Unfortunately, that is not what the House of Night demands from this special fledgling and her gang.  She also has to juggle three boyfriends.  One is  her Warrior who is so focused on protecting her he can feel her emotion.  Number two is her consort with whom she has imprinted.  The third is her hateful vampire boyfriend who is a big pain whom she cannot stop loving.

Zoey and her friends must spill secrets and make hard choices that could destroy them and the House of Night forever.

Will Zoey have the bravery and strength to risk losing her life, her heart and her soul to save them?  Find out in Tempted (Book 6)

  • Educational Value: Educational Value: 4/5 – Having read this series of books, I think that Tempted should be ranked a four for educational value.  Its educational value is more religious than academic.The author has added Bible verses, and I believe it has a deeper meaning than just the life of a teenage pledge.  You simply have to read between the lines.
  • Entertainment Value: 5/5 – On an entertainment perspective, Tempted deserves a five.  It is full of suspense, action, every day troubles teenage girls face, loyalties being tested, and even some boy drama!  It’s a great book and a great read!  I would most recommend it to teenage girls because there are many things in this book for them to relate to!
  • Device on Which This Book Was Read: Kindle
  • Date Review Filed: March 8, 2011
  • Teacher Name: Deana Rogers
  • Date of Teacher Checkoff: March 11, 2011
  • Notes from the Teacher or Parent: Merritt’s friend gave her the first book after going to a bookstore and asking for a book series for a girl who enjoyed Twilight. The bookstore was right!

Links to All 9 Books in the Series:

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  5. Book 5: Hunted
  6. Book 6: Tempted
  7. Book 7: Burned
  8. Book 8: Awakened
  9. Book 9: Destined

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