8th Grader Merritt D. Reviews Jenny Han’s It’s Not Summer Without You: “A book teenage girls can relate to.”

Merritt’s Review: Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah always counted the days until they met back at Cousins Beach.  They never questioned it. They knew that they would be together every summer, and that is just where they wanted to be.  But this year everything has changed; this summer is different.  This summer is the summer when they lost Susanna, and Conrad stopped caring.  It seems that every thing good is gone, which leaves Belly wishing for summer to never come.  But when Jeremiah, out of the blue, calls Belly saying that Conrad is MIA from college, she knows that something is up! There has to be a reason for Conrad to pack up and leave.  He wouldn’t have done that without one of them.  That is just not like him.  Belly has to help make things right. That can only happen with the three of them together again at Cousins, where it all began and might end!

I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all my friends!  This book is nearly impossible to put down!  It is a friendship and a romance novel all in one!  It’s terrific!  The story line is great; and if you love to read, I’m sure you will absolutely love it!  This book, I think, is aimed toward teenage girls.  It’s told from a teen gir’ls perspective and is a book teenage girls can relate to.   I hope you enjoy it!

  • Educational Value: 5 – When I picked this book out, I picked it as a free read not expecting any educational gain from it.  That is not how it turned out.  I learned a lot about character and friendship from this novel!  It definitely gives a good example of true friends having to fight (even with each other) for each other!
  • Entertainment Value: 5 – This book was amazing and deserves way more than a 5 in my book!  It was a great read and I couldn’t put it down!  The connections and relations between Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah are truly special!  I suggest that teenage girls read it; you will truly enjoy it!
  • Device on Which This Book Was Read: Hardback book
  • Date Review Filed: April 1, 2011
  • Teacher Name: Mrs. Deana Rogers
  • Date of Teacher Checkoff: April 14, 2011

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