6th Grader Brock A. Reviews Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero: “It pulls you into a world of fantasy.”

  • eBook Title: The Lost Hero
  • Author’s Name: Rick Riordan
  • Kindle Price: $9.34
  • Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Brock A.
  • Reviewer’s grade level: 6th

Brock’s Review: The year is 2009 in New York City. Jason, a sixteen year old, has lost his memory. He can’t even remember his own name. Sent on a quest, he will encounter many trials facing Mother Nature such as fighting storm spirits or “Venti” and battling her offspring, the Mud Giants. Using modern technology and weaponry from the past, will he and his partners be able to save Zeus’s wife and the mother of Greek gods, Hera, from her kidnappers?

I like this book because it is full of adventure and mysteries. It provides a great escape from reality as it pulls you into a world of fantasy. I suggest this book for anyone 5th grade and up, as it does contain advanced pronunciations. I enjoy medieval weapons such as swords, knives, and bows and arrows. If you like action, this is definitely the book for you!

  • Educational Value: 4 – I rate this book a 4 because it informs the reader about Greek Mythology.  However, it is a fictitious book.
  • Entertainment Value: 4 – I rate this book a 4 because of its adventure and mystery. Each page is action packed. If you like fantasy, this is your book!
  • Device on Which This Book Was Read: Kindle
  • Date Review Filed: March 27, 2011
  • Teacher Name: Mrs. Deana Rogers
  • Date of Teacher Checkoff: April 4, 2011

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