8th Grader Merritt D. Reviews “Burned” by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast: “A great read and full of suspense, action, and friendship!”

  • eBook Title: Burned (Book 7 in the House of Night Series)
  • Authors’ Names: P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast
  • Kindle Price: $9.99
  • Kindle Kids Corner Reviewer Name: Merritt D.
  • Author’s grade level: 8th

Merritt’s Review: The Tulsa House of Night, the name and training center for fledglings until they make the change into full vampires, has three very special members with incredible gifts and bright futures.  The question is, will they make it to these bright futures or will they get “burned?”

In Burned, the world is quickly spinning out of control for the young fledgling, Zoey Redbird.  Her soul has shattered and is in pieces in the other world.  With no hope, a broken heart, and her missing pieces, Zoey doesn’t feel like trying anymore, but with out her, the world is doomed!  With Zoey rapidly fading, it’s starting to seem as if all is lost.  Stan, the only person who can reach her, must quickly find a way to save her because she only has a few day left!  He’ll have to die first!

Zoey’s BFF, Stevie Ray, wants to help “Z,” but has some serious issues of her own.  The evil red fledglings are rebelling, and this time Stevie Ray can’t protect them!  Also, Dallas, her “kinda” boyfriend, is being a little too nosy for his own good.  She also has a major secret that could be key to saving Zoey, but it would turn her entire world upside down.  What will this Red Vampire High Priestess do?

Then there is Aphrodite in the mix interacting with the girls.  She is an ex-fledgling and a complete mean girl (and very proud of it).  She has always been gifted with the abilities to foresee the future.  Now it looks as if Nyx has decided to speak through her, whether she likes it or not.  Aphrodite’s loyalty can swing many different ways, but this time Zoey’s life hangs in the balance!  Three girls who, if they aren’t careful, are going to get “burned!”

  • Educational Value: (1-5 rating)  3: From an educational standpoint, I believe that Burned deserves a three because I learned so much about trust and friendship.  This book is a magnificent example of friends sticking together to help one another in their time of need.
  • Entertainment Value: (1-5 rating)  5: On an entertainment scale, I believe that Burned deserves a five!  It was a great read and  full of suspense, action, and friendship!  It is truly heartwarming to read how close these friends are.  I loved this book, and I would recommend it to teenage girls because there is tons for them to relate to in this novel!
  • Device on Which This Book Was Read:  Hardcover
  • Date Review Filed: 3/17/2011
  • Teacher Name: Deana Rogers
  • Date of Teacher Checkoff: March 18, 2011
  • Posted at Kindle Kids’ Corner for Thursday, March 24, 2011
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