Psst Parents And YA Authors, This Post is For You – An Interview With a 10th Grade YA eBook Reader – Recommendations, Current Trends And Advice From a Member of The YA Audience

built-for-kidsToday we share an interview with Merritt, a tenth grade student from Georgia and self proclaimed book lover. Merritt has written YA eBook reviews for us in the past for our Kids Corner Literacy Program, but now she is here to share her wants and needs as a YA book reader . Giving us a glimpse of the current trends in YA eBooks, Merritt’s advice can help with future purchases for the kiddies or get your brain ticking for the next great YA story.

Kids Corner: Merritt, what type of book are you looking for when browsing the Amazon Kindle Store?

Merritt: Well when I read, I’m a pretty faithful reader. I mainly look for new releases from my favorite authors and series, but I do frequently check the recommendation section. I’m always hoping to stumble upon a new author or book! I’m really into teen romance novels, but I also into vampire novels and classics! In the end I’m just looking for a good book!

Kids Corner: How many books do you read a month?

Merritt: On average I read about six books a month. I end up reading about three books for class work requirements, an extra book on the AP list to add to my variety of choices to benefit myself for the AP English Test in my near future, and then I always try to fit one or two “free read” books into my very busy schedule!

Kids Corner: Why do you love to read?

Merritt: Reading is a great opportunity to pause from reality and escape into a wonderful, new world. I know it’s become cliche to say that but it is truly how I feel. Reading is my escape from my stressful, crazy life. I can always pick up one of my favorite books, and it never fails to calm me down and brighten my mood.

Kids Corner: What would you say to a parent who has a teen that does not like to read?

Merritt: To a parent with a teen who dislikes reading, I would tell them not to constantly push them. In schools today, we are required to read books that don’t interest many teens, and even for someone who love to read like myself, if someone tells me to read I don’t enjoy it at all. The more stress they put on the teen reading, the less likely they are read at all! If parents are constantly stressing the subject, the are more likely to make the teen hate reading than anything else. If I was suggesting anything to the parent, it would be to open them up to opportunities to read books they would actually like that are currently popular, like Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Game Trilogy and add a little incentive, such as taking them to go see the movie once they finish the book. This gives them motive to read about something they are already interested in!

Kids Corner: Any pet peeves or annoying trends that you see in some YA titles?

Merritt: I have say that in YA titles, I am constantly seeing Vampires, Vampires, and more Vampires! Lets get real for a minute, we all fell in love with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series! Once people started reading it (I read it before it was popular and loved it!), they were hooked and so were other writers! They saw her success and took off with it! For some, like Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampire series or P.C. Cast’s House of Night series, they too reaped the benefit of the vampire fan base, but many would fail to do so. This topic is growing old very quickly, and writers need to catch on and move to new topics!

Kids Corner: What is your version of the perfect ending to a book? Does it need to make sense? Be realistic?

Merritt: My perfect ending will always be a happy one! In real life, happy ending don’t always happen, but for someone reading trying to escape reality, they want one! An ending needs to make sense and tie into the story, but at the same time it doesn’t have to be completely realistic! If we wanted reality, we could just look at our world today! In my opinion, an author needs to let the reader suspend some disbelief to keep them interested in the story! All I am really looking for in a “perfect ending” is one that finishes off the book with no loose ends and where the main characters end up happy!

Kids Corner: What are you currently reading?

Merritt: Currently, I am re-reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer, as well as reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (as a require school assignment), and The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros (as a jump start to my AP English Final preparations!)

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