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February 24, 2013

These Free ebooks are sponsored by the Kids Corner Book of The Week – Janel Rodriguez Ferrer’s 5-Star The Arts-Angels Track 1: Drawn to You. Click HERE to Download The Arts-Angels Track 1.

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The Leopard Tree

by Lisa Brochu, Tim Merriman

4.6 stars – 102 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Three orphans from Kenya stow away on an airplane to embark on a desperate quest to meet the Secretary General of the United Nations in New York City and deliver a message they hope will help millions of homeless and hurting children in Africa. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz becomes their guidebook as they journey alone across the United States. The trio–one with HIV, one blind amputee, and one who hasn’t spoken for years after watching her family slaughtered–find themselves embroiled in a situation beyond their imaginations as they get close to meeting their goal.

The Leopard Tree won the Best Young Adult Fiction Award in 2008 with Writer’s Digest International Self-published Competition and a Third Place EVVY in the Fiction Division of Colorado Independent Publisher’s Awards in 2008. This book was written with the hope of raising awareness of the millions of people in Africa who suffer the effects of malnutrition,malaria, HIV/AIDS, and the unspeakable atrocities associated with armed conflicts.

*  *  *

Portia & Frederick

by F.L. Carter

4.7 stars – 3 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Some children run away from home to join the circus. This isn’t a book about that. So if that’s what you had in mind you should look elsewhere. But if on the other hand you’re looking for a book about a girl and her brother who run away from home and on their way come across formidable nuns, bloodthirsty pirates, tricky politicians, and gung-ho soldiers, well then you might have found just the thing.

*  *  *

5.0 stars – 4 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
When 15 year old Mike DiMaggio discovers that the fish in the creek near his home are all dead, he tries to find out what killed them. Could it be poison, fertilizer from nearby farms, or leakage from the nearby landfill? Determined not to give up until he discovers the cause, he has to fight with everyone from his dad who works at the landfill, to the County Commissioners. Then, disaster strikes, and the entire community is in danger of being wiped out. Is this the end of their tranquil, rural existence?

*  *  *

Lost in Barkerville

by J.B. Olofsen

Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
During a high school field trip to the former gold rush town Yale, Zach, Kyle, and their teacher Miss Reid find themselves transported back in time. Stranded in 1864 at the height of the Cariboo Gold Rush the threesome must learn how to survive in a dangerous world where often the lure of gold is stronger than moral values.
They first travel the old Cariboo Road with the Cox brothers, Theo and Enos, who together with Jackson, their unpleasant helper, are hauling freight up to the famous gold rush town of Barkerville. It’s an arduous and at times dangerous journey on a road hastily built to accommodate the throng of people seeking riches around the creeks of the Cariboo. On the way, they meet the gold miner, Dan McKenna, who has made his fortune at Williams Creek. When McKenna disappears, leaving a prized watch behind, Zach suspects Jackson has killed McKenna to get at his gold.
When they arrive in Barkerville, Theo Cox is arrested. As it turns out, Dan McKenna’s body has been discovered in a shallow grave and all evidence point to Theo Cox as the perpetrator of the crime. Soon Theo Cox finds himself fighting for his life at a trial presided over by the imposing straight talking Judge Begbie. Desperately, Zach tries to find a way to save Cox from the gallows.

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