Author Dew Pellucid Interviews With Kids Corner! Find Out About His 4/5 Star Kids Book Of Week, The Sound And The Echos & Comparisons to Harry Potter

By Candace Cheatham, Editor, Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily
We announced last week that Dew Pellucid’s Fantasy Adventure For Middle Grade Readers, The Sound And The Echoes is the Kids Corner Book of The Week. Today we are very excited to post an exclusive interview with author Dew Pellucid.


Kids Corner: The Kids Corner Book of The Week, The Sound and the Echoes, is such a unique concept. What can our readers expect?

Dew Pellucid: When I was fourteen, I saw an ice storm for the first time. That memory was my inspiration for the Echo realm.

Imagine a winter wonderland with rivers of melted sapphires, icy topiaries that look almost alive, and everything glistening under a giant amber sun. And in this frozen kaleidoscope, everything is see-through, flowers showing through trees, cats through dogs. Even the people are see-through.

But that’s not all that makes this strange realm magical. The Echoes are superstitious people, because of a terrible law that rules their lives. When one of us dies up here in the Sound realm, his Echo is put to death in the Echo realm. So what can the Echoes do but hope that Fortune will spare them?

And so the Echo realm is filled with flying crystal balls and moon worshipers who think the silver orb is a giant, celestial crystal ball. The people wear watery robes, the solid floors spread rings under your feet as you walk, and the liquid ceiling in the great dining hall splashes in arches overhead.

The Echo realm is magical, without magic. And to be in it feels like being in a snow globe of wonders.

Kids Corner: There are comparisons of The Sound and the Echoes with The Harry Potter series? What sets The Sound and the Echoes apart?

Dew Pellucid: Harry Potter was my inspiration. I wanted to have a figure like Dumbledore (who reminds me of Gandalf). But Abednego in The Sound and the Echoes is a mystery. Is he a mad watchman? A wise old Echo? Or a man with a strange sense of humor?

Like the Harry Potter books I have a trio of heroes, two boys and a girl. But the girl is an outsider, an Echo who might be a spy for the evil Fate Sealers. Each has a unique personality all his own. Will is a realist, facing facts no matter how hard. Peter is a magician, suspecting mischief in every corner. And Valerie is a ten-year-old girl with the heart of a lion.

There’s an Orphanage of Castaway Children, with a fantastic library; Echo technology that feels like magic, but isn’t; a swashbuckling Sound called Cyrano de Bergerac, who isn’t a Sound at all; and a frozen lake with sparkling gems trapped inside it, but a horrible mystery too. In short, at a glance, The Sound and the Echoes may seem like Harry Potter, but it will feel very different once you get to know it better.

Kids Corner: Can you describe Will Cleary? Will our YA readers be able to relate to him?

Dew Pellucid: Two weeks before his thirteenth birthday, Will Cleary’s life turned upside down. It was never a very normal life, not with Will’s home nearly crumbling from neglect and his parents devoting all their time to searching for his long lost sister. But one fateful morning, the way sometimes happens in life, Will realized that things aren’t what they seem… at all.

He has a choice. Go find his missing sister and bring her home. Or run away with his parents and hope to outrun the Echoes who will never stop hunting him. Will decides to face the truth, no matter how hard. He does that throughout the story.

At times, this means that Will must face the ridicule of everyone around him. It also means that he must stick to his purpose, while others have all the fun. Yes, sometimes, Will feels a little sorry for himself, but he gets over that—with the help of his friends. And when the story ends, and you look back on all that happened, you’ll probably say that Will is exceptionally brave.

So will YA readers be able to relate to a thirteen-year-old? Yes. So many YA readers enjoy Harry Potter and other enchanting children’s stories. It’s not about how old the hero is, but what it feels like spending time with him.

Kids Corner: Can we expect anything else from you? A Series? Anymore YA Novels?

Dew Pellucid: When I close my eyes before I go to sleep, I wish very hard that The Sound and the Echoes will succeed. Then, I’ll write the second book and finally a third. I’ll let you in on a secret… while I wrote this book I titled it: The Sound and the Echoes, Book 1: The Crystillery. So one day, maybe, the original title will be required after all.

Kids Corner: What books have you recently read?

Dew Pellucid: It’s funny but now that I’ve finished writing for middle grade and young adult readers (and after reading so many YA novels), I feel like reading serious books only. I’m reading a biography of Thomas Jefferson and a philosophy book by Leonard Peikoff. After all, the idea for The Sound and the Echoes came to me as I was pondering the Greek philosopher, Plato.

Kids Corner: What authors have influenced you? Any YA authors that have influenced your current work?

Dew Pellucid: You guessed it, J.K. Rowling inspired me. It was a time when my son was living, breathing, listening to Harry Potter. It became something we liked to talk about (I guessed who would die in book III). After that, I liked to guess what would happen in the next Harry Potter. Ms. Rowling is so exquisite a storyteller that all I had to do was come up with the hardest plot scenario, and I knew she would take it on and pull it off.

Kids Corner: Any advice for our young writers out there?

Dew Pellucid: Each writer is so different and inspired by different things, but I can tell you that for me being a writer took many, many… (wait, did I say many?) years. I read a lot and studied how to plot stories. With time the knowledge started to sink in. And oddly enough, it were the things I did for fun that had the biggest impact on me: Like reading poetry or Harry Potter.

The way I see it, being a writer is not something you do, it’s really something you are. And something you have to learn to live with, because it’s not always easy.

A very special thank you to author Dew Pellucid! If you’d like to plunge into the Echo realm, visit, where all of Andy Simmons’ illustrations are featured.


2 Responses to Author Dew Pellucid Interviews With Kids Corner! Find Out About His 4/5 Star Kids Book Of Week, The Sound And The Echos & Comparisons to Harry Potter

  1. Tanya October 20, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    I’d love to see this book made into a movie, visually it
    would be lovely.
    BTW, I’m over Fifty years of age, and enjoyed it, so
    Adults do not be deterred by the suggested age reference.

    • Dew Pellucid October 20, 2012 at 11:50 am #

      Thank you for the Fortunerific comment, Tanya. You know, when I asked Andy Simmons to create his magical illustrations for the novel, I gave him quotes from the book and asked him to draw what he saw in his mind’s eye. Then I got to SEE the Echo realm for the first time.