Raising An eReader: Tips on Reading Aloud To A Child On An eReader and Establishing Literacy Skills

By Candace Cheatham, Editor, Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily

Let’s face it, we are bringing up an eReader generation. Our children’s books may have changed format but the basic principle remains the same: It is extremely important to read aloud to a child in order for that child to acquire and maintain literacy skills.

Why do we read to aloud to our children? Studies have proven time and time again that children who are read aloud to, starting at an early age, have higher success levels in school/learning environment. A child gains reading skills simply by listening to someone read aloud to them. Making connection between the spoken and written word has proven immeasurably. More importantly, the time spent between a child and a caretaker while reading is invaluable. Reading aloud with a child can be a time to sit down and put aside the everyday regiment and escape into another world with someone you care about and their appreciation for this time will show.

This rings true even on Kindle eReaders.

eReaders are awesome. One device can be filled with hundreds of YA books. Kids Corner has listings of FREE YA Titles and 99 Cent YA Titles. This amazing device has not only saved us space, but money on YA titles and allowed us to explore books that were never made available in book stores, as well as the classics. However, in order for these amazing eReaders to have the same effect on children’s literacy as traditional paper books, they must be used responsibly.

When reading with a child using an eReader remember to read together with the child, not just give directives. We all want the kiddies to stop touching things that don’t belong to them, but this might be the one time where touching the eReader and exploring the book with an adult with be helpful for the child. We wouldn’t tell a child to stop touching a traditional paper book.

Keep focused while reading to or with a child. Don’t get distracted with Facebook or email simply because you are on a Wi-Fi device. The time read with a child should be used for exactly that.

Children want to read on an eReader. This is their world of electronics and it is natural for them to want to evolve with their books, just as their games have evolved into these Nintendo DS, touch-pad, wi-fi, electronic games. An eReader invites children into a world that they are familiar with already, yet offers an educational purpose.

Lastly, remember to keep the same objectives and lessons as you would with a traditional book. Reading skills take patience, love, and positive reinforcement.

So, thanks for letting us share some thoughts, but how about you? We’d love to know your thoughts on this important topic if you’ll share them below!


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