Kids Corner At Kindle Nation Daily: Simple Tips to Encourage Literacy at Home

by Candace Cheatham, Editor, Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily

Does your child still refuse to read? Even after entrusting her with the Kindle that you loaded up with FREE YA eBooks that were listed here on Kids Corner At Kindle Nation Daily? Well, here are a few literacy tips to help encourage reading and writing at home!

  • Use your Kindle Fire to read to the little ones! Have your child turn the pages on her own on the touch screen. She will be excited that she is “helping” while the story is being read to her.
  • Keep a journal for you and child(ren) to write to each other. It doesn’t have to be everyday, but when you can, write a journal entry to your child. Your child will be happy to write back to you! This promotes not only literacy, but also safe spaces for open discussion in the writing forum.
  • Have your child write a review about a movie she enjoys. Or maybe write a review about a trip to the zoo/museum/library. The point is, it doesn’t matter what she is reviewing, by simply having her write the review she is retrieving and navigating memory, analyzing and then articulating on paper.
  • Remember the saying, “monkey see, monkey do”? Well as parents, we know this applies to children as well. How can you promote literacy in your household, if you are not reading as well? Check out Kindle Nation Daily to enjoy some great adult, free ebooks!
  • Have your child write her own book!!!!!! If you have a Kindle, you can email the document to your Kindle to download. Your child will love to see her book on the Kindle with the rest of her favorite books!
  • Looking for something to do on the weekends with the kiddies? How about a trip to your local library? It’s FREE. It is a great space for exploring to happen! Most libraries have (or are in the process of having) some sort of digital library for you to share with your child as well. And maybe we can show the kids a lost art of the past: The Dewey Decimal System!

The Kindle, the library and some paper are just some of the many tools available to parents in the literacy proficiency tool bag. It’s important to find a tool and a space that works well for you and your child. Every child is unique and will respond differently than the next child to prompts. Be creative and find the sweet spot for you and your child in their journey to reading.


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