Patricia Ellis Herr’s UP: A MOTHER AND DAUGHTER’S PEAKBAGGING ADVENTURE Comes Out Today! And boy, are you in luck! Kids Corner At Kindle Nation Daily Junior Reporter, Mya S., Interviews Main Character, Alex H.

As promised, author Patricia Ellis Herr and her daughters, Alex and Sage, are taking over Kids Corner! And boy, are you in luck! Hopefully you have already checked out our exclusive interview with author Patricia Ellis Herr!! Alex H. (age 9), Patricia’s oldest daughter, as well as a main character in her book UP: A MOTHER AND DAUGHTER’S PEAKBAGGING ADVENTURE, was recently interviewed by junior interviewer, Mya S. (age 9). But first, lets properly introduce UP:

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Here’s the set-up:

When Trish Herr became pregnant with her first daughter, Alex, she and her husband, Hugh, vowed to instill a bond with nature in their children. By the time Alex was five, her over-the-top energy levels led Trish to believe that her very young daughter might be capable of hiking adult-sized mountains.

In Up, Trish recounts their always exhilarating–and sometimes harrowing–adventures climbing all forty-eight of New Hampshire’s highest mountains.  Readers will delight in the expansive views and fresh air that only peakbaggers are afforded, and will laugh out loud as Trish urges herself to “mother up” when she and Alex meet an ornery–and alarmingly bold–spruce grouse on the trail. This is, at heart, a resonant, emotionally honest account of a mother’s determination to foster independence and fearlessness in her daughter, to teach her “that small doesn’t necessarily mean weak; that girls can be strong; and that big, bold things are possible.”




Mya: Do you want to climb Mount Everest one day?

Alex:  I think altitude and the danger would be too much for my comfort level.
Mya: How do you feel about climbing?

Alex: About climbing (with ropes and harnesses, which is NOT what we do when we hike) — I like to boulder and climb with ropes, but when I get too high, I get nervous.  I don’t get nervous hiking.  When I’m hiking, a feel stable.  When I’m on a rope going straight up or down, I don’t feel secure all the time.

About hiking (if that’s what you mean as opposed to traditional climbing) — It’s really fun and nice.  It’s tricky when it’s really steep, but we make it feel easier by playing word games.  When I’m above treeline, I love it; it’s really pretty up there.

Mya: Do you ever feel like you are unable to hike anymore, but you keep going because you know that if you keep going you will reach the top?

Alex: Sometimes, on the really steep parts.  I don’t feel that way all the time, though.  Just sometimes, and just on the really steep parts.

Mya: Normally, how many miles can you hike?

Alex: The most I’ve hiked at once is 18 roundtrip miles, up and down Mt. Owls Head.  On a regular basis (once a week), I’m used to doing 14 roundtrip, mountain miles.

Mya: Who is your role model when it comes to hiking?

Alex: I don’t have a role model; I hike with my mom, and sometimes we hike with friends.  We just do what we do.


To read more about Mama, Alex and Sage’s experiences, check out UP: A MOTHER AND DAUGHTER’S PEAKBAGGING ADVENTURE


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